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Shikhar Dhawan’s Heartfelt Message on Son’s Birthday Amidst Legal Battle

  • December 26, 2023
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Shikhar Dhawan’s Heartfelt Message on Son’s Birthday Amidst Legal Battle

Indian opening batter Shikhar Dhawan took to Instagram on December 26 to share an emotional note on his son Zoravar’s birthday, expressing both love and pride. However, behind the heartwarming message lies a legal battle involving the cricketer, his ex-wife Ayesha Mukherjee, and custody issues.

shikhar Dhawan, in his post, revealed the challenges he’s facing in connecting with his nine-year-old son. The cricketer highlighted that he has been blocked from contacting Zoravar for almost three months. The emotional note accompanied a photo of a video call between Dhawan and his son.


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Earlier this year, Dhawan and Mukherjee officially divorced, with the court citing “cruelty” inflicted on the cricketer by his estranged wife. The divorce order outlined specific provisions for Zoravar’s visitation, emphasizing the need for Mukherjee to facilitate the child’s trips to India for overnight stays with Dhawan.

Despite the court’s directives, Dhawan expressed his current struggle in establishing connections with Zoravar. The cricketer’s message conveyed both longing and affection, emphasizing his positive outlook and anticipation of a future reunion.

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Legal Battle Overview

Divorce and Allegations

The divorce proceedings between Dhawan and Mukherjee involved allegations of cruelty and emotional distance during their eight-year marriage. Dhawan claimed that Mukherjee’s commitments to her previous marriage and daughters in Australia created a significant emotional and physical gap. He also alleged financial pressure to invest in Australian properties.

Court’s Decision

The court granted the divorce, acknowledging the allegations against Mukherjee. Despite being awarded custody, the court did not rule on permanent custody, allowing Dhawan to spend time with Zoravar in India and Australia, including overnight stays and video calls.

Current Struggles

Dhawan’s recent revelation of being blocked from contacting his son sheds light on the ongoing challenges in co-parenting and maintaining a relationship with Zoravar.

Closing Message from Dhawan

In his heartfelt message, Dhawan assured his son of constant love and expressed pride in Zoravar’s growth. The cricketer conveyed his eagerness for a future reunion and urged his son to embody positive qualities.

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