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Robin Uthappa: Had to marry a girl senior to me twice”

  • September 13, 2023
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Robin Uthappa: Had to marry a girl senior to me twice”

Indian team cricketer Robin Uthappa is known for his explosive batting. Uthappa has not been able to be a part of Team India since 2015. Now he is seen playing only in IPL. Very few people know about Robin Uthappa’s personal life. Today we will tell you about Robin’s interesting love story.

36 year old Robin Uthappa married Sheetal Gautam on 3 March 2016. After being in a relationship for a long time, both of them decided to get married.

Sheetal and Robin were in the same college in Bengaluru. Sheetal was Robin Uthappa’s senior in this college. Both of them dated each other for seven years. In an interview, Sheetal had told that Uthappa had proposed her sitting on his knees.

Uthappa’s wife Sheetal Gautam also comes from sports background. Sheetal has been a tennis player in the past. He started playing tennis at the age of 9. Sheetal’s brother Arjun Gautam has also been a tennis player.

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Sheetal Gautam belongs to Hindu religion, while Uthappa comes from a Christian family. In such a situation, both of them got married according to Christian religion on 3 March 2016 and after a week on 11 March 2016, both of them got married according to Hindu customs.

In October 2017, Robin Uthappa and Sheetal Gautam became parents for the first time. Recently, in the month of July, Sheetal Gautam gave birth to a baby girl. They have named their daughter Trinity Thia Uthappa

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