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ICC ODI Ranking: Australia’s sovereignty will be snatched away

  • September 14, 2023
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ICC ODI Ranking: Australia’s sovereignty will be snatched away
Before the ODI World Cup to be held in India, Team India has a chance to become the number one ICC ODI Ranking team. At present the Australian team is on top, but India or Pakistan can end the reign of Kangaroos.

The Indian team has performed brilliantly in the Asia Cup 2023 and has made it to the finals of the tournament by winning two matches within two days. Now India also has a chance to reach the top in the ICC ODI Rankings before the ODI World Cup. Apart from India, Pakistan team can also become the number one team in ODI. At present, the Australian team is on top in the ODI rankings and if it performs well, Australia can retain its dominance. Let us understand, what are the equations for becoming number one for the teams present in the top three positions in the ICC rankings before the ODI World Cup.

The Australian team had to face defeat in the third match of the ODI series against South Africa. With this the race for ICC ODI Ranking has become exciting. The top three teams have a lot of matches to play before the ODI World Cup. In such a situation, there is bound to be an upheaval in the ICC ODI team rankings. The ODI World Cup is starting on October 5. Know how many matches India, Pakistan and Australia have to play before this and how their results will affect the rankings.

Ranking: 1 (points equal to Pakistan)
Rating: 118
Schedule: South Africa (September 15, September 17), India (September 22, September 24, September 27)

Australia is a strong contender to remain the number one team at the beginning of the World Cup. Even though this team has lost in the third ODI against South Africa, the Australian team can win the series by winning the remaining two matches of the series. After this, Kangari team can maintain its dominance by winning the series against India. India and Pakistan will benefit from Australia’s defeat against South Africa. However, the most important contribution in deciding the number one ODI team before the World Cup will be the three-match series between India and Australia.

Ranking: 2 (points equal to Australia)
Rating: 118
Schedule: Sri Lanka (September 14), probable Asia Cup final (September 17)

Pakistan team will play its next match against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup. By winning this match, this team will make it to the finals of the Asia Cup and by winning against India here, this team can achieve the top position in the ODI rankings. Apart from these two matches, Pakistan has to play World Cup practice matches against New Zealand and Australia, but these matches will have no impact on the ICC rankings. Pakistan can also benefit from this. If this team wins the Asia Cup and the Indian team beats Australia by a close margin then Pakistan will be the top ODI team before the World Cup.

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Ranking: 3
Rating: 116
Schedule: Bangladesh (September 15), Asia Cup Final (September 17), Australia (September 22, September 24, September 27)

India is one of the teams with the most number of matches played in the current cycle of ICC rankings.

Only Nepal and UAE have played more matches than India. After winning the ODI series against West Indies, Team India has performed brilliantly in the Asia Cup and has not lost any match so far. Now India has to play the next match against Bangladesh in Super Four. After this this team will play the final of Asia Cup with Pakistan or Sri Lanka. India also has to play a three-match series with the Australian team this month. By winning its next five matches, the Indian team can become the top ODI team in the world before the ODI World Cup.

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