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Angel Reese Addresses Absence Amid Rumors of LSU Suspension

  • November 21, 2023
  • 2 min read
Angel Reese Addresses Absence Amid Rumors of LSU Suspension

In a recent turn of events in women’s college basketball, Angel Reese, a prominent figure, has taken to social media to address the speculations surrounding her recent benching and absence from the LSU team. Here’s a breakdown of the situation and Reese’s response.

Clarifying Misinformation:

Angel Reese shared a concise message on social media, urging followers not to believe everything they read regarding her current situation. The statement comes in the wake of rumors circulating about a potential suspension from the LSU team.

Uncertainty Surrounding Reese’s Status:

The saga unfolded when Reese was unexpectedly benched during LSU’s game against Kent State, followed by her absence in the subsequent match against Southeastern Louisiana. Despite an impressive performance of scoring 11 points in just 13 minutes against Kent State, she was sidelined for the final two quarters at the coach’s discretion.

Instagram Story Adds to the Mystery:

Adding to the intrigue, Reese posted a photo on her Instagram story featuring an LSU court with a cart of basketballs, contributing to the ambiguity surrounding her situation. The mystery deepened when she did not travel with the team for their next game.

Coach’s Statement:

LSU’s head coach, Kim Mulkey, acknowledged the situation but did not provide specific details. Mulkey mentioned that Angel Reese was not in uniform during the game, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind her absence. The coach expressed optimism about Reese’s return, stating, “Angel is a part of this basketball team, and we hope to see her sooner than later.”

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Uncertain Future and Team Dynamics:

As Reese’s status for the upcoming game against Texas Southern remains uncertain, the LSU team, known for their previous season’s national title victory, faces an air of uncertainty. The absence of clear information adds to the intrigue and raises questions about the dynamics within the team.

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