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Gambhir’s Homecoming : Kolkata Knight Riders Welcome Back Mentor

  • November 23, 2023
  • 3 min read
Gambhir’s Homecoming : Kolkata Knight Riders Welcome Back Mentor

In a stunning IPL move, Gautam Gambhir, the iconic former captain, returns as the mentor for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Here’s the scoop on this cricket sensation’s journey back to his ‘spiritual home.’

1. Gambhir’s Glorious Past: Gautam Gambhir, the maestro who led KKR to two IPL titles from 2011 to 2017, is now set to play a mentoring role for the team. A journey that began with purple and gold glory is rekindled with a new avatar.

2. Lucknow Interlude: After leaving Kolkata Knight Riders, Gambhir took on the role of mentor for the Lucknow Super Giants. Despite reaching the playoffs in both seasons, Lucknow sought a coaching change, bringing in Justin Langer, leading to Gambhir’s inevitable departure.

3. Emotional Homecoming: Gambhir expressed his emotions, stating, “This is back to where it all started. Today, there is a lump in my throat and fire in my heart as I think about slipping into that purple and gold jersey once again.” The ‘City of Joy’ welcomes back its cricketing hero.

4. KKR’s Principal on Gambhir: Shah Rukh Khan, KKR’s principal, rejoiced at Gambhir’s return, saying, “Gautam has always been part of the family, and this is our ‘Captain’ coming back home in a different avatar as a ‘Mentor.'” The anticipation builds for the never-say-die spirit and sportsmanship Gambhir brings.

5. Gambhir’s Parliament Role: As a parliamentarian, Gambhir is known for his hands-on approach. His return sparks curiosity about the dynamics, especially with Abhishek Nayar, known for his strategic influence. The return to his ‘spiritual home’ raises expectations of a KKR resurgence.

6. Nostalgia for Number 23: Gambhir shares, “I am back. I am hungry. I am number 23. Ami KKR.” The sentimentality surrounding his jersey number adds to the nostalgic anticipation among KKR enthusiasts.

7. KKR’s Strategy Shift: Gambhir’s return signifies a potential shift in KKR’s strategies. The extent of influence he will exert, especially in squad selection and combination, remains a focal point for fans and analysts.

8. Chandrakant Pandit Collaboration: Gambhir will collaborate with head coach Chandrakant Pandit. The combination of their cricketing acumen aims to instill resilience and the iconic KKR sportsmanship in the team.

9. SRK’s Tweet on the Return: Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet welcoming Gambhir back into the KKR fold adds a touch of Bollywood glamour to the cricketing homecoming.

10. Expectations for Resurgence: KKR supporters eagerly anticipate a resurgence under Gambhir’s mentorship after a few seasons of uneven performances.

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